May 5, 2016

A multi-event Palacongressi

On May 13the Palacongressi will simultaneously hold four different events. The "16th National Congress of the Association of Italian Partisans" (12/15 May), held just days after the anniversary of the liberation from fascism on April 25; the "Rimini Wake Hub" organised by the Red Balloon Association, active in the field of sharing economy and collaborative consumption (13 May); "The Beauty of the Soul" seminar by Hi-Performance (13/15 May) and the International Conference held by Centro Studi Erickson "Let's take care of me", on innovative practices to protect children (13/14 May). Translated into figures, 2,300 people will take part in four events planned on the same day in different areas of the Palacongressi.

The month opens with two medical-scientific appointments, a sector in which the Palacongressi is constantly improving its market position. Scheduled events include the "26th Congress of the Italian Society of Diabetology" (4/7 May) and seventh assembly of the Italian Multidisciplinary Society for the Prevention of Infection in Health Organisations (9/11 May). These will be followed by the meeting of the National Federation of the Orders of Physicians and Dentists (19/21 May).

This month, the Palacongressi is also hosting "Incitement Italy" (May 14), a training event for young entrepreneurs, and online trading with the new edition of "ITForum 2016" (19/20 May), focusing on the issue of online investments and savings, also in its retail form.

On the agenda are also events considered "regulars" at the venue, such as the meeting of the Banca Malatestiana shareholders (May 8), Rimini Civil Chamber open day (May 24) and #EmiliaRomagnaLab, the forum on tourism in the Emilia Romagna Region (May 10). Finally, the month will come to a close with a high-profile international event, the SCIVAC Congress - Italian Companion Animal Veterinarian Association (27/29 May), during which 2,500 veterinarians will dedicate three days work entirely to pets.