May 23, 2016

Cookin Wellness, cooking course with chef Cristian Pratelli

Cookin Wellness” is a project meant to offer a unique experience to all participants and it is organized by the Cook Academy, with the contribution of Wellness Valley, Convention Bureau della Riviera di Rimini and Summertrade, all partners of the Palacongressi di Rimini, location of the event. The structure was chosen for its multi-functional spaces that allow to combine cooking practice with physical exercise, thanks to the fitness equipment provided.

Cook Academy is a creative workshop related to gastronomy, a new reference point in the broad scenario of the wine-and-food arts centres, dedicated not only to professional cooks but also to amateurs. Through the organization of events and scheduled courses, as Cooking Wellness, the academy brings forward the Italian culinary tradition, and becomes also forerunner of new trends, working as mediator between the firms of the sector and the public interested in the topic.

The lessons of the Wellness Week, which will be held from 23rd to 25th of May, will be led by the chef Cristian Pratelli, supported by expert nutritionists and personal trainers, and will have as main themes “Fruit and Vegetables”, “Oily seeds and cereals”, “Alternative proteins”.

The recipes presented follow the patterns of a correct nutrition and of the Mediterranean diet, thanks also to the selection of raw material of high quality, rich of micro and macronutrients.

Learning to cook, discovering the best Italian culinary tradition and spreading the trade network: all this at the Cookin Wellness, Palacongressi di Rimini.