July 5, 2017

EuroPython Conference 2017 at the Palacongressi di Rimini

The largest Python conference in Europe will take place in Rimini from 9-16 July. The Palacongressi will host the 2017 edition, with over 200 sessions, keynote speakers, training for beginners and more advanced sessions for regular users.

Python has been a successful programming language in industry, scientific research, and for a variety of applications. The boundaries between users and developers have been overcome thanks to the use of a simple language that can develop solutions to complex problems without the need for great experience in programming.   

EuroPython 2017 is organised by EuroPython Team 2017, EuroPython Society and Python Italia APS.

EuroPython has always stood out for its unique atmosphere that welcomes diversity, shares knowledge, creates synergies between industry and research, and strengthens relations between people who use Python in different sectors. Since its first edition in 2002, EuroPython has steadily grown in scope and popularity and is the fruit of the collaboration of volunteers from all over Europe, and the participation of its numerous sponsors.