September 5, 2016

Linea d'orizzonte: from 17 September, an exhibition by Francesco Zavatta

After having focused on city landscapes, Francesco Zavatta now returns to paint the water, with an awareness and richness of colour clearly different from his debut work : cue the great exhibition of 2016, Linea d'orizzonte - Skyline, scheduled from 17 September to 26 November at Augeo Art Space, the new centre for contemporary art in the heart of Rimini.Augeo Art Space, the new centre for contemporary art in the heart of Rimini.

The title of the exhibition is taken from a remark by professor Philippe Daverio, who in a few words, captures a crucial aspect of the artist's human and pictorial quest - “Francesco Zavatta clearly from Rimini, because everyone in Rimini their eyes has their eyes focused on the skyline of the rising sun”.

Focus on the horizon, found in almost all of Francesco Zavatta's work, is the clear sign of his hand pointing at that confine like the blade of a knife, which opens up to reveal something else.

In 2009, Zavatta collaborated with the Event & Conference BU of Rimini Fiera in promoting the new Palacongressi.  During the road shows in London and Brussels, presenting Rimini and its local area, the creative young artist was entrusted with the performance dedicated to "sight", for which he created a work depicting the new conference centre.