January 10, 2017

Record number of passengers at Bologna's Marconi Airport

2016 traffic data from Marconi International Airport in Bologna has been recently published. Positive trends indicate over 7.6 mln passengers, + 11,5% compared to the previous year. The number of domestic passengers has increased (+12,1%) as has that of foreign users (+11,3%). London, Paris and Catania are the top destinations, with is a growing number of locations that have been attracting continuous interest: Düsseldorf, Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Munich, Brussels, Barcelona and Rome, to name but a few.

Bologna airport is an important hub for those heading to the Riviera di Rimini. It is situated at just 100 km from the coast and connected by a modern shuttle service providing round trips at regular intervals with convenient fares which can be booked online.

Check out the timetable and see just how easy it is to reach Rimini from Bologna!

Timetable and bookings at: www.shuttleriminibologna.it