March 13, 2018

Rimini, getting easier to reach

Soon it will be even easier to reach the Rimini Riviera for your congresses and events. In just 7 and a half minutes, it will be possible to get to Bologna Central Station from Marconi Airport, and vice versa. The service is currently being tested and is expected to be up and running in March 2019.

The People Mover is the new monorail service provided by Marconi Express -  a fast, electric, fully automatic and driverless means of transport, equipped with passenger-friendly, eco-friendly and sustainable platform doors.

A fast service guaranteeing:

  * speed - only 7'20'' to get from the Central Station to Bologna Airport

  * frequency - 3'45" the average waiting time

  * reliability - the People Mover runs on its own track

  * comfort - the carriages are specially designed for the needs of airport users

  * easily recognizable - the stations will be located near the airport terminal and the high-speed train platforms in Bologna Central Station, and will be clearly indicated.