August 19, 2019

Rimini awarded the status of Italian capital for quality of life

Rimini steps up onto the podium ahead of Florence, Venice and all other Italian cities for the quality of its leisure activities.

The city's success was confirmed in a survey by Il Sole 24 ore, the prestigious economic financial newspaper that presented a ranking as a result of cross checking 12 indicators, each of which provides a snapshot of a different aspect of leisure time both tourists and residents "spent" in the area: its appeal, the number of bars and restaurants, bookshops and holiday farms, events and shows, as well as money spent going to the cinema or the theatre.

This all goes to show that Rimini, the birthplace of famous film director, Federico Fellini, has been capable of reinventing its cultural appeal, its attractions and services, transforming a primarily seaside resort into an exciting destination with great pulling power 365 days a year.

In the photo: the Tiberius Bridge, Rimini