August 22, 2016

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series at the Palacongressi

The event has by now become a tradition, and this year the finest "Duellists" in the world return to Rimini (27-28 August). The Palacongressi will host two days of the Italian leg of the "Championship Series", the international circuit of competitions dedicated to the most famous and respected trading card game in the world: Yu-Gi-Oh!.

An indication of its popularity and the incredible number of collectors and enthusiasts on every continent, is the number of cards that have been sold since the game first came on the scene: over 25 billion. Or 24 thousand million cards a year. And not forgetting that the game holds the "Guinness World Record" for the number of individuals participating in a tournament, set in Long Beach, California (2012) with 4,643 players.

A transnational, and also, transgenerational game. Both adults and teens challenge each other in Yu-Gi-Oh!, and "Dragon Duellist", has reserved  challenges in every stage of the circuit for young newbies, entering the world of the magic "decks" of Yu-Gi-Oh!.