Who are the Ambassadors

Ambassadors are professionals that live or were born on the Rimini Riviera:
  • representatives of the medical and scientific world
  • university lecturers and scholars
  • members of professional orders, category and economic associations
  • prominent industrialists
  • institutional figures
  • representatives of groups connected with the meeting industry
  • illustrious local sons and daughters
Honorary Ambassadors are local authorities, partners, sponsors, key event organisers.

The Rimini Riviera Ambassador's ClubC

What does the Ambassador do:

To candidate the Rimini Riviera as a destination for national and international conventions and conferences, our Ambassadors’ commitments include:

  • assessing opportunities
    for Italy, firstly, and then for Rimini – to win a possible bid
  • collecting useful information
    within the context of their respective associations – for preparing a successful bid
  • identifying and understanding the range of stakeholders
    i.e. people/bodies that affect or may be affected by a given project
  • promoting and proposing Rimini as a destination to decision-makers, with the aid of the material specifically prepared by CBRR for this purpose