6 reasons to come to Rimini in the Autumn

1. Because Rimini is a vibrant city with events on all year round

Art, culture, wine & food, events and shows 365 days of the year. There's always something to do here. Each season offers themed tours, sports, sampling local produce, and plenty of shopping. And the sea in winter is a breathtaking sight.

2. Because Rimini is easy to reach and to get around

From Bologna airport by shuttle, car or high speed train, it couldn't be easier to get here. And of course there's always less traffic in Autumn.  Cover the short distances of the city using eco-friendly options - by bus, walking, by bike or … even electric scooters!

3. Because the best hotels never close

More than 400 hotels open all year round. In Autumn you will find a warm welcome at the best hotels with quality services.

4. Because in Romagna, food & wine is first class

You will be spoilt for choice: be it seafood or meat dishes, there are endless options when savouring the flavours of the Romagnola tradition. You can choose from award-winning restaurants, trattorias, pubs and street kiosks to taste “piadina”, the symbol of local food, filled with either ham or fresh cheese. The vineyards on the Rimini hills produce excellent red and white wines. All you have to do is choose!

5. Because Rimini is a city that reinvents itself

Take a stroll around the old town rich in history, from the Surgeon's House to the recently refurbished Teatro Galli offering a rich programme of prose, music, ballet. Prefer a good film? Then visit the restored Fulgor cinema, reviving the memory of Federico Fellini and showing both art and experimental films. Autumn 2020 will mark the inauguration of the museum dedicated to the director Federico Fellini, an itinerant museum meandering around Castel Sismondo, the Fulgor cinema and piazza Malatesta. But it's not only the centre that will get all the attention. The seafront, from north to south, will undergo a dramatic makeover with the Parco del Mare project, giving citizens and visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the sea in wintertime.

6. Because the Palacongressi di Rimini is always beautiful!

The elegance and beauty of this location are innate. And the natural light that floods the venue, really makes a difference. You will be impressed by the design and comfort of the spaces, the elegant decor, the pioneering technology and the professional services. You can reach the venue either on foot or by bike through the park that connects it to the beach, taking some time out to enjoy the scenery and get a breath of fresh air.