Getting around

Public transportation

Our public transportation network with allow you to move around easily both within our towns along the coast and inland, all day long and for most of the night.
If you are interested in visiting the old town centres of the main coastal cities, each one provides a special train service and a panoramic bus created especially to show tourists the most charming and interesting areas.

Environmentally-friendly transportation 

The urban public transportation network of the Riviera has a number of environmentally-friendly vehicles.
If you prefer to move about on your own, without stress and out in the fresh air, and if you love cycling, you'll be happy to know that all of the Riviera's hotels provide bicycles free of charge to their guests. You can take a ride along pleasant routes that pass through the peaceful greenery of gardens and parks.

Customised transportation

If you need to plan an event, you can, of course, hire private transportation reserved for our guests: from 'Gran Turismo' coaches to minibuses, right up to luxury vehicles. Our modern vehicles, which are always the latest models, the quality of the service and the professionalism of our drivers will ensure that your trips and transfers will always be first class.