The love of good cooking has always been characteristic of the Riviera di Romagna and its restaurants.

And since hospitality is also a great tradition here, the restaurants are able to expertly host large numbers of people without sacrificing the genuineness and freshness of the cooking: from elegant seafood restaurants on the coast to the more typical trattorias of the hinterland.
The restaurants offer all types of cooking: from traditional to international, to ethnic.

Gala dinner

The Riviera di Romagna offers a wide range of possibilities and solutions for gala dinners: from very elegant restaurants for exclusive dinners with a small group of guests, to colourful restaurants full of personality that can host up to 800 people while still paying close attention to detail.

Moreover, throughout the region there are a number of villas, palaces, castels, fortresses of every size and era: these enchanting settings can be used to arrange high-quality catered events even for large number of people.
And to relive the atmosphere of the noble Malatesta family, they can organise unforgettable medieval banquets.