May 16, 2018

Bioengineering and Cardiology at the Palacongressi

"Rimini is so much more than just a beach resort", writes Rob MacLeod, professor at the University of Salt Lake City and President of CinC Computing in Cardiology, on completing his visit to the city and its Palacongressi. And with that, organisation is now underway for the new international scientific medical appointment to be held in the Palacongressi in September 2020. For 4 days, Rimini will be transformed into the international capital of research and innovation in biomedical technologies dedicated to the heart. It will host the 47th edition of "CinC Computing in Cardiology", an event that will bring to our city the world's 400 leading bioengineers, researchers, doctors and cardiology specialists.

President MacLeod was accompanied by the Italian representative of the congress, researcher from the University of Bologna, Stefano Severi, who alongside Cristiana Corsi, had presented Rimini as a potential destination in Vancouver. The President was very positive about venue during his visit: "The location is very beautiful, the spaces are welcoming and elegant, with a lovely blend of natural light, wood and stone. They adapt perfectly to the needs of our congress. it's the perfect venue and the vicinity to a large green area is very appealing. What's more, Rimini has a lot more to offer than just the beach and the sea, it is steeped in history and culture and has a longstanding tradition of hospitality. Our participants will certainly be very curious to discover this city during the congress".