Rocca Malatestiana

The Rocca Malatestiana (Malatesta Fortress), also known as the Rocca del Sasso, or Fortress of the Rock, is an imposing complex in a strategic position dominating the ancient village of Verucchio and the entire valley. Perched on the highest point, the "rock", a rugged, rocky spur, it was built over successive ages between the XII and XVI centuries, when the Rocca was the stronghold of the Malatesta dynasty.

The Rocca Malatestiana, skilfully lit in the evening, provides 1 large hall for 180 people and 4 salons for events, conferences and gala dinners. The central salon is especially charming, with wide windows and wooden ceiling.

All around are the ancient cobbled streets of Verucchio, an old, hospitable town perched on a hill, the focus thousands of years ago for the development of the pre-Etruscan Villanoviana civilizationVerucchio's Museo Archeologico (Archaeological Museum) displays precious remains and finely worked amber and gold jewelry.
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