Spas and Wellness

  • Rimini: RiminiTerme. A world-renown centre which carries on in the same tradition of the Centro Idroterapico Marino, which has been in Rimini for more than a century.
  • Riccionele terme. Greatly enjoyed since the time of the Romans, the thermal baths are among the top five Italian institutes for mineral water and inhalation therapy. Located in a park covering 45,000 sq. m, the institute has a private beach and swimming pool and a Centre for thermal aesthetic medicine. 
  • San Marino: the Centro Mességué. Located within the Grand Hotel. The centre offers herbal-based therapeutic and aesthetic wellness programmes, relaxing strolls, and massages, using the therapeutic techniques of the famous French herbalist Maurice Mességué.
  • Many hotels offer guests Wellness Centres and a number of the parks along the Riviera have equipped fitness paths. 

nella foto, l'i-suite hotel di Rimini