Marketing Merenda

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  • DATE:  17 - 18 FEBRUARY 2018

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The organiser shares her experience: Catia Merenda

Marketing Merenda is the annual marketing summit dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. An event geared towards managers, freelancers and the vast world of SMEs. And at the helm of this organisation, renewing the format to maintain the top standard of quality, is Catia Merenda.

"We are making every effort to convey not only the importance of this event, but also the differences between concrete, useful marketing for the small companies that make up the Italian entrepreneurial fabric, and the image used instead by large multinational companies that play a very different game".

Marketing Merenda is an event that has carved itself out an important niche both in terms of cultural and educational clarity, and the large number of participants: "There is so much confusion in this sector, it has almost become a process of literacy, of teaching a new language, but the numbers are proving us right and are particularly impressive when compared to situations like the U.S. We can hardly believe it but we attract greater numbers than they do, so today Marketing Merenda can be defined as the reference event for worldwide marketing: it almost feels unreal, yet it has been confirmed by the numerous international guests who come to our stage year after year".

A successful formula enhanced by the range of services offered by the Palacongressi di Rimini and the capacity of the actual facility, fully meeting the demands of a high profile event: "Of course the organisational aspect and the role of the set design, the result of a team effort involving Mauro Meconi and Tiziano Stampete, play a fundamental role in generating this perception and the overall success of the event. Getting people into that room is not an easy task, making them feel good and having them return several times is even more difficult, the container we offer must always live up to the content we provide. The staff at the Palacongressi flanks us in every phase of the event's organisation and development, with great flexibility and adaptability, responding promptly and efficiently to our requests, as do their partner companies. The size and beauty of the structure allow for top quality set design, directing and lighting. In addition, because of its geographical position and transport connections, Rimini is easily accessible from all over northern Italy. The city offers a wide range of accommodation options all year round as well as major cultural and leisure attractions to cater for the tastes of all participants".

And maintaining the high standard of their events is key to Catia Merenda. Particularly at a time when we are witnessing a real boom in initiatives and training courses: "On one hand, it is true that people realise that the world is changing fast, and many are trying to equip themselves with the necessary tools to keep up with this trend. Quality, practical training comes out on top. On the other, however, I can't but point out that some people think they can ride the wave, taking advantage of this trend, but they underestimate the necessary effort to create events like ours, which is why in the long run, the market will reward those who invest and have a long-term vision, casting aside those who see training merely an opportunity to make a fast, "easy" buck.

The event manager reports

"Marketing Merenda makes another welcome return this year. After its first edition in 2016 at the Palacongressi in Rimini, the event has certainly evolved, and alongside our client we have developed an innovative and impressive set design, with LED wall displays covering over 300 square meters, projecting high-impact images, inspired by the Harry Potter theme, to create a very engaging atmosphere. The entrances to the Piazza, set up for over 2,300 participants, were also bespoke. The combined efforts of the Palacongressi team and the organiser are heading in the direction of developing new, creative and cutting-edge projects for the future."